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Why Choose a Web Development Course

As technology permeates our lives, from smartphones to smart homes, the ability to understand and manipulate software becomes a powerful tool for solving problems, optimising tasks, and enhancing experiences.

Professionally, the demand for software engineering skills is soaring across industries, transcending traditional tech domains. With virtually every business and sector integrating digital solutions, the ability to code, develop applications, or understand software systems opens doors to a myriad of career opportunities.

Roles That Require Web Development

Software Engineer
Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer
Business Intelligence Analyst
Product Manager
Project Manager
Quantitative Developer
UI/UX Designer

Software Engineer

















This Web Development Course is Suitable for:

  • Beginners who have no programming background
  • Individuals looking to understand how the Internet and webpages work
  • Individuals looking to develop their own webpages or manage web development projects in their company

Web Development Certifications Available:

SE Nanodegree

SE100 will help you build a robust groundwork for your software engineering career by acquiring foundational web development skills.

Other Applications of Web Development

Acquiring the skillsets taught in this course (e.g. HTML and CSS) is crucial to maximise features offered by “no-code” web development platforms such as Webflow and Wix.

SE100 provides an important overview of how the web works. Sign up today to learn how web development can help you shape your future in the digital universe, or contact us so we can help you decide if this is the right course for you

Responsive Web Development Course Overview

Heicoders Academy’s SE100 Responsive Web Development course in Singapore aims to equip you with a strong foundation in web development technologies.

You will complete the course with a capstone project that addresses a real-world problem in the fintech industry. This project will also serve as a valuable portfolio piece for you to showcase in future job applications.



8 Lessons


3-Hour Lesson Duration


Held on Zoom


1 Instructor + 2 Teaching Assistants

Part of:

SE Nanodegree

Learning Objectives

The curriculum and teaching methods of this Web Development course is designed to help students:

  • Master Fundamental Web Development Concepts: You will have a better understanding of essential web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, empowering you to create and contribute to the web’s vast ecosystem.
  • Develop Hands-On Coding Skills: Through hands-on projects and exercises, you stand to gain real-world coding skills that will enable you to construct and refine dynamic web applications, setting a precedent for your future projects.
  • Design Responsive and User-Centric Websites: You will acquire the skills to design websites that offer optimal viewing across a multitude of devices, ensuring a seamless user experience that is crucial in today’s digital age.
  • Apply Web Development in Professional Projects: You will learn to confidently initiate and lead web development projects, making you a valuable team member in any tech-driven environment.
  • Cultivate Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking: This course will sharpen your ability to tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions, an invaluable skill set in the tech industry and beyond.

Course Outline

Pre-Class Preparation

All Heicoders students will have access to course materials via our online e-learning portal.

To prepare for the course, essential resources are provided to familiarise you with the prerequisite concepts and tools used during the Web Development course.

Our friendly instructors and teaching assistants are always ready to assist if you encounter any issues. You are also welcome to join our Telegram channel to leverage connections with fellow students, alumni, instructors, and tech hiring managers.

Lesson 1: Internet Architecture and HTML
  • Learn about how the World Wide Web works
  • Use HTML to create basic websites
Lesson 2: CSS
  • Use CSS to enhance web pages
  • Learn how to create responsive web applications with CSS
Lesson 3: Advanced CSS
  • Learn about CSS Positioning using Flexbox and Grid
  • Understand the need for Responsive Design in webpages
Lesson 4: JavaScript Data Types and Decision Structures
  • Learn what JavaScript is about
  • Gain an understanding of JavaScript data types and decision structures
Lesson 5: JavaScript Iterations and Functions
  • Create loops using JavaScript
  • Create functions using Javascript
Lesson 6: JSON and RESTful APIs
  • Understand the structure and use case of JSON
  • Learn how to use RESTful APIs
  • Learn about JavaScript Fetch
Lesson 7: Introduction to React
  • Gain an appreciation for React and its significance
  • Learn about the building blocks of a React webpage
  • Find out how webpages are rendered to users
Lesson 8: Advanced React and Node.js
  • Gain an understanding of NodeJs and its ecosystem (e.g. npm)
  • Build a Vite React application
Lesson 9: React State and Hooks
  • Gain an understanding on the lifecycle of a React application
  • Understand how state management works with hooks
Lesson 10: Version Control and Software Testing
  • Gain an understanding on version control systems and how you can use it to your advantage
  • Learn to ensure the quality of your own code using automated testing
Capstone Project
  • Build a cloud-hosted web application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React

All SE100 graduates have the option of continuing with subsequent courses in our nanodegrees, where we prepare and equip you with the skills needed to secure prestigious jobs at top companies. Graduates can also consider exploring other learning opportunities like data analytics courses or full stack developer courses to further enhance their portfolios.

Course Fees & Subsidies

IBF Subsidy Course Fees after Subsidy (incl. GST)
Singaporeans aged 40 and above 70% $936
Singaporeans below 40 and all PRs 50% $1,416
Non-Singapore Citizens and Non-PRs 40%* $1,656

Further reduce your out-of-pocket costs with:

Heicoders Academy
SkillsFuture Credits can be used to offset course fees for Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above
Heicoders Academy
NTUC Union members can be reimbursed with 50% of unfunded course fees (up to $250 a year) with UTAP
Heicoders Academy
*Heicoders Scholarship available for non-subsidy qualifiers to receive up to 40% course fee support from our Inclusive Education Fund

Upcoming Course Dates

Select a suitable course schedule below to apply. Limited slots are available and are allotted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Responsive Web Development Course Highlights

When you enrol in a course with Heicoders Academy, we guarantee:

Industry-Relevant Skills

A course filled with content and skills that you will find not only immediately helpful but also valuable for your future endeavours

Expert Instructors

A dedicated instructor personally interviewed by the founders, someone from whom you'll be eager to learn

Personalised Mentorship

1-to-1 guidance and mentorship towards in-demand careers as part of our Nanodegree programme (provided you put in the hard work as well!)


A course designed to accommodate and support learners who are new to the subject matter, making it easy to understand and engage with the material

The Heicoders Guarantee

Heicoders Academy is founded and run by a team of passionate technology industry practitioners who believed that their collective expertise and insights could fill the increasing technology skill gap in Singapore.

Eager to share their experiences, they set out on a mission to create a learning experience that not only addressed the shortcomings of existing courses but also aimed to inspire the next generation of technology-sector talents in Singapore.

Each Heicoders Academy course is crafted and regularly updated by an esteemed Academic Board, consisting of university professors and industry veterans with extensive experience as practitioners and hiring managers.

Our Instructors

All instructors at Heicoders Academy have been carefully screened and selected for their excellence and passion for teaching. With their extensive industry experience, we are confident that you will gain a wealth of knowledge from them.

Course Reviews and Testimonials

Heicoders Academy is proud to be recognised by our graduates for our ability to deliver comprehensive and practical content in a beginner-friendly manner. Embark on your Heicoders experience today and discover our dedication to delivering high-quality education.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Development Course

Here are the questions we receive most often:

I have zero programming experience. Is SE100 suitable for me?
Course Design

SE100 was designed specifically for people with zero programming knowledge. You should have no problems catching up with the class as our materials are well-organised for after-class review. Our ourses are also taught by experienced instructors and supported by teaching assistants who provide in-class and after-class support. Read our blog to learn more about what web development is and why it is important.

Student Experiences

A sizable majority of our past SE100 students had no programming background, and all of them not only managed to pass but are able to apply coding to build incredible web applications by the end of the course. Feel free to browse through some reviews given by past Heicoders students who have successfully graduated from our classes.

Is there any form of certification upon completing the Web Development course?
For payment could I make a deposit first, and complete the payment closer to the course’s commencement date?
I am keen on your class but can’t make it for one session. Is there a makeup class?
Makeups On Case By Case Evaluation

We strongly advocate for full attendance among students, yet we recognise that severe unforeseen events may occur. We will grant such students a one-time accommodation to attend a makeup session or a live stream of the recorded class.


For Learners Intending To Use Subsidies

If you are planning on using any subsidies (e.g. UTAP, IBF, SkillsFuture Credits), do note that these subsidies require learners to have at least 75% class attendance before being eligible for subsidies.

Any difference between Windows and macOS laptops for students? Is one preferred?
Device Advice

Both Windows and Mac operating systems are suitable options, as previous students have successfully used them without significant problems. Approximately two weeks prior to the commencement of the course, we will distribute a detailed installation manual that includes tailored guidelines for both Mac and Windows users. Additionally, we recommend that students consider utilising external monitors for a more comfortable learning experience.

Will students be provided recorded sessions to revise the weekly lectures?
Lesson Recordings Are Provided

You are welcome to use the lesson recordings and materials for reference whenever you need a review of a particular lesson. Our Heicoders curriculum team takes great pride in documenting the class content thoroughly, so feel free to go through the lesson materials at your own pace. You could always reach out to your Teaching Assistants as well if you have questions outside of class.

I just registered for the Web Development course and am an NTUC Union member. How do I apply for the UTAP subsidy?

The UTAP subsidy is disbursed by NTUC to eligible students on a reimbursement basis. After completing the course, Heicoders students can then apply on the NTUC website for reimbursement, and upon approval they would usually receive a direct deposit from NTUC to their bank accounts within two to three weeks. You may find more details on the eligibility requirements and claims process on this NTUC UTAP website. On Heicoders’ end, we provide a PDF step-by-step guide on how to submit the claim to all students at the end of the course.

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