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A Step-by-Step Guide on Claiming SkillsFuture Credits

by | Mar 13, 2024


SkillsFuture, a scheme that many Singaporeans are familiar with. But, how many of us have actually used it, or know what it can be used for? You’re certainly missing out if you have not utilised this scheme. 

Don’t worry, we’re here to save the day! In today’s article, we’ll be providing a step-by-step guide on how you can tap on these free government subsidies to upskill yourself. 

What are SkillsFuture Credits? 

First thing first, what exactly are SkillsFuture credits? SkillsFuture is a government initiative that was launched in 2015 as part of a broader effort to cultivate a spirit of lifelong learning and to empower Singaporeans to upgrade their skills and stay employable in the ever-evolving job market.

Who is Eligible for SkillsFuture Credits?

Base Tier (for all Singaporeans aged 25 years and above)

Under this scheme, all Singaporeans aged 25 years and above received an opening credit of $500, which can be used to deepen your existing skills, or to pick up new skills outside of your current expertise. These credits do not expire. 

In 2020, a one-time top up of $500 was also provided to those aged 25. This top-up can be used on all courses eligible for SkillsFuture credit, and will expire at the end of 2025. 

Mid-Career Tier (for Singaporeans aged 40 years and above)

In 2020, a one-time top-up of $500 was also provided to those aged between 40-60 years (inclusive) back in 2020. Similarly, these credits do not expire. 

From 1 May 2024, Singaporeans aged 40 years and above will be receiving a credit top up of $4,000 to pursue a substantive skills reboot. You’d be happy to know that these credits will never expire! Do note that any balance from the 2020 top-up will be merged with this new $4,000 top-up. 

Here is a summary of the SkillsFuture credits eligible Singaporeans should have depending on your age:

SkillsFuture Eligibility Amount Available for Use Expiry
Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above $500.00 Credits will be given when you turn 25 years old No Expiry
Singapore Citizens aged 25 years and above as at 31 December 2020 $500.00 1 October 2020 31 December 2025
Singapore Citizens aged 40 to 60 (inclusive) as at 31 December 2020 $500.00 1 October 2020 No Expiry
Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above as at 1 May 2024  $4,000 1 May 2024 No Expiry

Types of Eligible Courses

Base Tier Courses

SkillsFuture credits under the base-tier scheme can be used for a wide-range of SkillsFuture Credit-eligible courses available on MySkillsFuture. For instance: 

  • Selected courses offered by Ministry of Education (MOE)-funded institutions*
  • Courses supported by public agencies
  • SkillsFuture@PA courses offered by the People’s Association, courses offered by the Infocommunications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)’s Silver Infocomm Junctions and selected courses under National Silver Academy.

* Institute of Technical Education, polytechnics, autonomous universities, LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Mid-Career Tier Courses

On the other hand, credits given under the mid-career tier can only be used on a more selective list of about 7,000 courses that support substantive upskilling and reskilling. For instance:

  • Institutions of Higher Learning full qualifications and shorter modules that stack to a full qualification
  • MOE-subsidised full qualifications from the University of the Arts Singapore and Arts Institutions
  • SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP), which are SSG’s train-and-place programmes in sectors with good hiring opportunities 
  • Courses aligned to training requirements in Progressive Wage Model (PWM) sectors
  • Workplace Literacy and Numeracy courses.

The course list will be available on MySkillsFuture from 22 April 2024.

How to Check SkillsFuture Credit Balance

To check your credit balance, follow these steps: 

1. Login at MySkillsFuture: Navigate to the MySkillsFuture page and click the “Login” button on the top right.

skillsfuture login

2. Login via Singpass: On the pop-up login screen, select “Singpass” and continue logging in via the QR code using your Singpass mobile app, or by manually entering your Singpass login details.

Singpass login


singpass login

3. E-Services: After you have successfully logged in, you will be brought back to your homepage on MySkillsFuture, where your credit balance will be shown under your account nameSF credit balance


How to Claim SkillsFuture Credits

To submit a SkillsFuture credit claim for eligible courses that you’ve attended, follow the steps below.

1. Credit claim submission: Click on the “E-Services” tab on top. Then, select “Check and Claim SkillsFuture Credit”.

claim submission

2. Prepare details / documents for submission: After being directed to the claim submission page, select “Submit a Claim”. Ensure that you have all the necessary details and documents before proceeding with your submission. 

SF docs

3. Search for your enrolled course: Input either the course name / reference no. or the name of the training provider in the text box. Then, select the “Search” button.

SF docs

4. Select your enrolled course and its start date: Click the “Select” button on the course you enrolled for, and input its start date in the box below.

sf course selection

5. Input payment details: Next, input your payment details. This includes i) the total nett fee you have to pay (after deducting any other subsidies / grants (e.g., IBF-STS)) for the enrolled course under “Fee Payable by You (including GST)”, and ii) the amount of SkillsFuture credit you wish to claim under “Amount of Credit to Claim”. 

payment details6. Upload supporting documents: Attach the supporting documents provided by your training provider. The documents should contain your name as per NRIC, and the nett course fees payable (inclusive of GST).

upload docs

7. Review your submission: Lastly, click the “Review” button on the bottom right and ensure that all the details are accurate before clicking the last “Submit” button!

And… that’s it! You’re all set to claim your SkillsFuture credit – no more excuses to keep learning and upskilling 😉

Courses Eligible for SkillsFuture Credits in Heicoders Academy 

What courses are eligible for SkillsFuture credit? There are a plethora of exciting courses for you to choose from. As a start, consider some SkillsFuture approved courses with Heicoders

AI100: Python Programming & Visualisation 

AI200: Applied Machine Learning

AI300: Deploying Machine Learning Systems to the Cloud  

DA100: Data Analytics with SQL and Tableau

SE100: Responsive Web Development

Plus, all of the courses above are also eligible for IBF-STS and UTAP subsidies, which you can read more about here. What are you waiting for? Time to make use of that SkillsFuture credits for futureproofing your career now

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