After you have mastered the art of job searching, mastering the art of crafting resumes will bring you one step closer to landing your dream tech job. As your resume serves as your first impression on potential employers, being equipped with an impressive resume is essential in increasing your chances of landing that job. 

Our team at Heicoders, with our extensive experience in reviewing resumes, understand the nuances that make a resume stand out. Drawing from our expertise, we have compiled some tips below to guide you in your search for your dream tech job. 

Customising your resume to the job description 

First, tailor your resume to match the specific requirements of each tech job posting. Analyse the job description, and highlight keywords / skills that align with your experience. While crafting your resume, be sure to emphasise how your past experience and achievements are relevant to the role you are vying for.

Additionally, your resume should also be customised to the industry you are targeting. For instance, if you’re applying for data scientist positions in both the chemical and banking sectors, you should have different resumes that cater to the unique requirements of each industry.

Use action verbs

To effectively convey your impact, begin each point with impactful action verbs that vividly illustrate your contributions and achievements. Instead of using words like “completed”, “helped”, and “supported”, use words like, “implemented”, “optimised”, and “spearheaded”. These words are much more likely to capture attention and leave an impression.

E.g., rather than saying “helped to create system X to increase sales revenue”, rephrase it as “spearheaded the enhancement of system X, resulting in a 20% upsurge in sales revenue”.

Clean and concise formatting

Many companies use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen and filter resumes automatically before they reach human recruiters. Thus, ensure your resume is ATS-friendly by adhering to a simple format – use standard fonts, section titles and bullet points. Avoid fanciful designs, such as excessive colours and graphics, and remember to save your resume in a compatible file format (e.g., PDF, Word). 

Furthermore, keep your resume short and sweet – i.e., keep it to two pages maximally!  Tip: Omit having a picture of yourself on your resume unless you are applying for a role that calls for it, e.g., modeling / influencer to save on space. 

Good Resume Samples:

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Bad Resume Sample

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Highlight Technical Skills 

Make an intentional effort to showcase your technical prowess by creating a dedicated portion that lists the programming language, frameworks, tools and software you are proficient in. Of course, include relevant certifications and online courses. 

Include relevant projects and link to your portfolios

Beyond professional experiences, showcase your personal projects, open-source contributions, or completed coding challenges. If you possess an online portfolio, GitHub repository, or even a personal website that displays your expertise, include direct links in your resume to allow easy access for recruiters. To find out how you can build up your tech portfolio, read our previous article here.

Quantify your achievements

Where possible, boost your achievements with quantifiable metrics by following the XYZ resume format. This format is a simple yet powerful way to provide context and flow to your accomplishments. It also works well with the ATS format as specific keywords are included. 

In short, this format guides you to include what you’ve accomplished (X) + the qualitative results (Y) + the skills and experience you utilised to attain the results (Z)An example of correct XYZ resume formatting should look something like this: 

Increased revenue for 10 small businesses (X) by 20% (Y) through designing and implementing new software features on their online platforms (Z)”.

Leadership roles and extracurricular activities

Emphasise any tech-related volunteer roles, hackathons, or involvement in the tech community at large. This accentuates your dedication to continuous learning in the industry, as well as your true passion for all-things-tech

Along with this, highlight your leadership abilities by including teams or projects that you’ve led. Because, as with all industries, leadership skills are highly valued in the tech field. 

Check, check, check! 

Though this may sound like a given, it is crucial to proofread and review your resume for any careless grammatical errors, typos, and formatting inconsistencies. To help with this, consider online tools like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor. An error-free and polished resume will reflect your conscientiousness and attention to detail.

Seek feedback 

Last but definitely not least, seek feedback from objective sources – trusted friends, mentors, or professionals in the field. They may provide valuable perspectives and suggestions on how you can further enhance your resume. At Heicoders Academy, our experienced team provides free resume consultation for students (past and present) that have taken any of our courses!

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